Quality Education gives a wide range of career opportunities to students and they stand a better chance of success where ever they find themselves in world.


Our priority is to get quality education for all children from the crèche to university


Education is a fundamental human right and together we can ensure every child has quality education. Education in remote communities is necessary because if children do not get the best education, they will not be able to escape poverty and we want every child to enjoy a quality education no matter where they live.


For us to achieve quality education for all in the Savelugu Municipality, we need collaboration through trust and building the effective commitment in the discharge of our duties in the educational sector which  is all about working together. We believe in listening to people, building trust, and moving forward together with integrity.


Savelugu Municipal Education Directorate, Quality Education should be enjoyed by every child in the Savelugu Municipal and it should be closer to every child without he or she having to travel elsewhere for it. The Municipality has the great human resource and the experts who can work to ensure that every child acquires the requisite knowledge and skills to become the best community and nation builders.


Quality education will help children master what they learnt and carry out projects that will bring sustainable development in the Municipality and beyond. It enables children to work together and appreciate their individual differences which will enhance peace in the Municipality. Through quality education, students are able to give quick positive feedback about what their teachers taught them and also think beyond the box and this will make teachers to improve their teaching skills.


We are determined to offer excellent teaching practice in all Savelugu Municipal Schools which will improve students’ performance and make them competitive enough in Ghana as well as around the world. We believe that if students are given quality education well enough, then they can play a role in providing jobs for both themselves and their communities.


We will provide the best opportunities using the available resources in the Municipality for students to learn in a safe environment where they can grow their knowledge and skills and to do what they love most.

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