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About Us

About Us

Background of Savelugu Municipal Education Directorate

The Savelugu Municipal Education Directorate is responsible for the implementation of pre-tertiary educational policies of the Government at the District level to ensure that all Ghanaian children of school-going age irrespective of tribe, gender, disability, religious and political affiliations are provided with the best quality formal education. The pre-tertiary comprises schools from the KG level to Senior High/ Technical Schools.

Our Vision

Vision Statement

To be a leading Provider of Quality Education for all Children in the Municipality.

This is to ensure that all children of school going age in the Savelugu Municipal are well discipline, excellent and equipped with intellectual knowledge and skills to assist them overcome the key challenges in the Municipality.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

To equip all learners with the necessary skills, attitude and values with emphasis on numeracy, literacy, science, information, communication and technology that will facilitate local, regional and national development.

This is ensure that conducive environment necessary for school children, teachers and supportive staff in the Municipal provided to achieve our goals through effective monitoring and supervision, adequate infrastructure, quality teaching and learning and the best staff motivation.

Our Objectives


The key objectives of the Directorate are as follows:

Our Functions


Some the functions of the Directorate are as follows: