Mr. Abu Alhassan

Head of Audit

Schedule Officers

i. Zonal Internal Auditor

ii. Municipal Internal Auditor


Management has the overall responsibility for establishing and maintaining appropriate, adequate and effective controls within an organization so that objectives may be achieved with the optimum use of resources. It is the role of Internal Audit to assist management through the provision of advice and appraisals concerning the design and operation of internal controls. Part of this system of control is the existence of an Internal Audit.

The Internal Audit unit monitors compliance with rules, regulations, system, policies and procedures prescribed by Ghana Education Service. The Internal Audit Unit is an integral part of the governance frame work of MDA which requires that necessary controls and in place for financial and operational activities. Internal Audit provides management and other relevant stakeholders with information including analysis, appraisals, observations, and recommendations. Apart from GES H/Q, the structure for audit activities is based on a mixture of Regional, Zonal and teams for larger Metropolis.

The Zones are made up of Districts Offices which are serviced by teams of Auditors under the supervision of a zonal leader. The zonal leader is responsible for the quality assurance of all audits carried out within the zone.


  • Reviewing and reporting on the soundness and adequacy of internal controls.
  • Reviewing and ascertaining the extent to which GES assets are accounted for and safeguarded from losses.
  • Checking and verifying delivery of goods and services donated or procured with IGF, GoG, and Donor funds.
  • Pre-auditing of payment vouchers.
  • Conducting investigations for the Municipal Director of Education (MDE).
  • Providing professional support to the MDE.
  • Regularly reviewing salary payment vouchers and promptly reporting to the MDE irregularities observed with copies to the Director General.
  • Supervising handing over of second cycle and basic schools heads.
  • Observing stock taking of stores.