P. O. SV 26, Savelugu, N/R, Ghana



Hotline: +2330000000000



The Accounts Office of the Directorate is established to ensure that all financial issues are handled by the Accounts Office. The Office advice the Directorate on financial matters, receive all funds on, make payments, write cash books, submit monthly returns and preparation of financial accounts of the year for the Directorate.


The following are some of the functions of the Accounts Office;

  • To advice the Directorate on all financial matters
  • To receive all funds on behalf of the Directorate
  • To make payment on behalf of the Directorate, that is expenditure
  • To write all cash books for the Directorate, that is income and expenditure cash books
  • To submit monthly returns to the Regional Education Directorate, that is trial balance
  • To make preparation of final accounts at the end of the year for the Directorate.


Head of Accounts

Schedule Officers