Empowering the Vulnerable

The Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems (RAINS) is a Ghanaian registered non-governmental organization that is committed to promoting the rights of the marginalized in society. Formed in 1993, RAINS has a long history of work to improve the lives of deprived communities and sections of the society. In conjunction with communities, government agencies and civil society groups, the organization pioneered interactions in advancing girl child education, tackling child labour, and the empowerment of women and girls.

RAINS works with communities and development partners to improve the quality of life for vulnerable groups especially children, women, girls and people with disabilities by strengthening local structures to take actions to promote and ensure fairness for all people in the society.

just society that is based on equity with equal opportunities for all and respect for diversity.

Our Project in Savelugu Municipal

School Pedagogy Project (SPP)

The School Pedagogy Project is implemented by RAINS in partnership with AXIS and funded by DANIDA through CISU (civil society in development).

This project aims at improving the quality of education in schools in Northern Ghana through the introduction and use of participatory teaching and learning methodologies. 

This project is premised on the fact that despite the remarkable successes witnessed in improving access to basic education in Ghana, the educational system is still grappling with issues related to the quality of teaching and learning received by children. 

It focuses on teacher capacity building, strengthening PTA/SMC, and enhancing supervision and advocacy as vehicles for achieving its goal.

The project also entails a component of active citizenship. This component is geared at ensuring that children know their rights and responsibilities and are encouraged to participate in actions that are intended for the good of society.

Our Work in Savelugu Municipal

The Scope of Our Project

Currently, this project covers 12 basic schools all in the Savelugu Municipality and is expected to reach a target of 150 teachers and over 4500 children between January 2022 and December 2025.

Our Covered Schools

The Basic Schools we are currently working with and their locations are provided in table below;


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