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Savelugu Municipal Education Directorate (SMED) has eight (8) Circuits which includes; Diare North, Diare South, Kpatuli, Moglaa, Nabogu, Pong-Tamale, Savelugu East and Savelugu West

Diare North

Diare North circuit was formally known as Diare circuit until it was divided into Diare North and South. This year 2022, the circuit was again redemacated of which many of its schools have been made part of Diare South circuit.

Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed Sawarigu handed the newly demarcated Diare North circuit to Mr. Aminu A. Damba. The new Diare North circuit constitutes 9 Schools with professional male teacher population of 34 and female professional teacher population of 15.


Moglaa circuit is one of the eight (8) circuits in the Savelugu municipal education directorate which comprises of eleven (11) schools including two (2) Basic schools, two (2) JHS and seven (7) primary schools. It is located at the western part of Savelugu Municipality through two (2) stretches which includes Moglaa road through to Yilikpani community comprising of Moglaa M/A Primary, Moglaa M/A JHS, Langa E/A Basic, Tarikpaa M/A JHS, Tarikpaa M/A Primary and Zuggu – Yilikpani T.I. Ahm. Primary. The other stretch is the Savelugu Borimanga Bank road through to Kuldanaali community comprising of Tibali M/A Primary, Boggu-Kpendua T. I. Ahm. Primary, Tindang Methodist Primary, Kpalan R/C. Basic and Kuldanaayili E/P. Primary. All the eleven (11) schools are located in nine (9) communities comprising of Moglaa, Langa, Tarikpaa, Yilikpani, Tibali, Boggu, Tindang, Kpalang and Kuldanaali. Moglaa M/A Primary School is the nearest school to the Municipal town which is about five (5) kilometres where as Kuldanaali E/P. Primary School is the farthest school which is also about fifteen (15) kilometres from the Savelugu town.

Savelugu West

The Savelugu West Circuit is one of the eight (8) Circuits in the Savelugu Municipality. The Circuit is made up of fourteen (14)schools, thus 7 Primary Schools, four (4) Junior High Schools, two(2) Basic schools, and one (1) Senior High School. The Circuit is located on the western part of the savelugu along the Bolgatanga trunk road and bounded to the east by Savelgu East Circuit, to the north by the Pong-Tamale Circuit, to the west by Maglaa circuit, and the Tamale international airport to the south.
The circuit covers six (6) Communities which extend from Nyoglo Community (Nyoglo AME Primary), Libga Community M/A Primary School, Ministries (Savelugu Girls model JHS), Nakohagu community(inhabiting
the four (4) Rawdatul-Atfal E/A cluster Schools and Ansuari Sunna E/A Primary School), Mohifong Community (Yoo R/C primary and JHS, Adabia Basic school, and Savelugu Senior High School), Sawaba Community (Sawaba Zaharia Basic) and Totenyiri Community (Totenyiri T.I Ahmadiyya Primary School). The farthest school is Totenyili Primary which is about 7km and the nearest is Girls Model Junior School with1km away from the Savelugu Municipal Education Directorate Yoo R/C primary and JHS School are the schools with the highest population among primary and JHS Schools respectively. The teacher population of the circuit stands at 192 with males constituting 117 and 75 females. Àbout 95% of the teacher population are professionals with 5% percent being pupil teachers.

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